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3 reviews for GREEN COBRA

  1. Big Jim Barleycorn

    I’m obsessed with this sauce, it’s always in our fridge!

  2. Darcy

    Just had this at the Hawthorne Street Fair and can’t stop thinking about it. So glad I bought a bottle.

    • spicy (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for the kind words!
      We would like to encourage you to not stop thinking about it!

  3. James

    Had this sauce at Fried egg I’m in love on Hawthorne (Portland OR) over a year ago …. I still think about it …. that’s why I’m on your website about to buy it for everyone I spend time with .

    • spicy (verified owner)

      I’m so glad You enjoyed this so much! If you live in Portland, don’t forget there’s lots of local outlets that sell it too!

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